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Training apparatus "Gorbunok" - ingenious decision of the problems with back!

Interview with the author of the apparatus:

Ingenious is simple!

Only 1 minute of regular employment in day on a training apparatus of “Gorbunok”, and you forget about problems with a backbone. The unique invention of the Kiev doctor, the candidate of medical sciences, Fedoricha Alexander Vladimirovicha continues to submit the world.

Bearing infringement, the back pain, many chronic diseases of an internal at adults and children of school age is links of one chain. A backbone is a life pillar. A healthy backbone is a basis of our health and longevity!

The scoliosis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, intervertebral hernias and other illnesses of a modern society develop exclusively as consequence of an atrophy of deep muscles of a back. Still hundred years ago academician Bekhterev found such atrophy exclusively at representatives of families of noble family. Now practically each person has similar problems.

To get rid of a scoliosis, a wrong bearing and other problems of a backbone it is possible independently, applying as the irreplaceable assistant a training apparatus of “Gorbunok”. Carrying out daily recommended physical exercises within one minute, it is possible to overcome completely such illnesses as an osteochondrosis, a scoliosis, an atrophy of a muscular corset of a backbone, intervertebral hernias and other.


The training apparatus of “Gorbunok” trains straightening muscle and deep muscles of a back, allows to unload lumbar department of a backbone and quickly forms a muscular corset. At the expense of effective correction of a backbone, an organism itself to be restored after the big physical activities that is important for sportsmen. The training apparatus of “Gorbunok” is already used at rehabilitation of national teams of Ukraine on sports gymnastics, track and field athletics, free-style wrestling and other kinds of sports.

The training apparatus and for restoration of the backbone damaged as a result of traumas and failures is effective, rehabilitation of such patients occurs much faster.

The training apparatus of “Gorbunok” is irreplaceable and for parents having accustomed to employment on a training apparatus of children at the age from 6 till 15 years (in intensive growth) the child will grow up healthy and vigorous. It is important to know that development of a bone skeleton in children considerably advances development of skeletal muscles. As consequence, the backbone of the child can easily be deformed that leads to scoliosis occurrence. Using a training apparatus of “Gorbunok” it is possible to get rid of a scoliosis at any age, but important to know that its preventive maintenance at early age is much easier and more effective than treatment. Do not miss time. Train all family.

Unique by-effect of employment on a training apparatus is additional strengthening of muscles of a press, hips and humeral department, but who will refuse a beautiful figure?

By working out of a training apparatus of “Gorbunok” last data on the biomechanic of a human body, position of the person in the course of employment identically to “an embryo pose» was considered, and the maximum concentration of loading during employment arises on those sites of a body which are solving for functional full value of a backbone. As a result of it it was possible to increase as much as possible efficiency a training apparatus that has allowed to reduce time of daily employment till 1 minute.

1 minute of regular employment on a training apparatus today, will relieve you in the future of necessity regularly to waste time and money for visiting of doctors.

Good luck!

Dimensions: 460мм х 760мм х 950 мм.
Simulator weight: 11,5 kg.

Maximum allowable weight : 150 kg.
Maximum height: 198 cm.

Made in Ukraine.

Price: $

The cost of the simulator with delivery to other countries – specify.
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